Thursday, 31 December 2020

A New Year

Starting something new in the new year. Each year we think about our new years resolutions and I know I have failed so many in the past but instead of dieting, which I know I need to do, I have decided to start something different. I'm going to take a few minutes each day to collect some thoughts, a picture or two, maybe even a short video and write these here as a record of the year.
Michael Rosen was recently interviewed for a magazine article I read, where he talks of the importance of writing and how it helped him get through his recovery from Covid. Now I am definitely not much of a writer but I have been thinking about this for a while and the article has just made me make a start.
So for each day of 2021 I am going to attempt to write some thoughts about the day. Highs and lows. A chance to let it out but also to revisit the day. I will couple this together with a photo from the day. It may be a selfie or just something that I have snapped during the course of the day that has interested me. 
This last year has been a challenge for us all and the best we can do is move on from it and be better from it. We can't change it so let's not let it define us.

The end of another School Year

So the last academic year as a set of figures.

185 days taught
2 days off sick
3 International trips
0.74 average progress 8-score for my 2 classes.
17 training sessions delivered
4 educational books read
1 fiction book read (not including books read to my children)
2 public talks delivered
4 occasions where nearly left teaching
1 occasion when being threatened with physical violence
140 lunch duties done
2 complaints received
0 times supported through ordeals
12 times I have cried
2 thank you presents from students
2 additional responsibilities received
1 additional responsibility relinquished