Monday, 10 December 2018

Day 4 #5Good2Bad

Another weekend day and this is a dramatic change from #Teacher mode to #Dad mode.

5 Good

  1. Refereeing for my sons game really unexpectedly so I was charging around the pitch with my Christmas Jumper on!
  2. Cameron's game ending in a draw after being 2 - 0 at halftime
  3. Isaac's game being another goal fest winning 11-1!
  4. Arranging Christmas Carpool Karaoke with some of my Colleagues
  5. Being sociable with some friends and sharing some Christmas Cheer
2 Bad

  1. Not spending enough individual time with all of my children
  2. Not finishing the Christmas decorations
Weekends are an interesting time to reflect on as it isn't really something that I really do as the weekends are usually spent being dad's taxi taking my children to one place or another for an activity and actually by reflecting I have started to think about how to make the rest of the weekend a far better experience with my children. So yesterday evening, I put a good Christmas film on and let the kids sit in front of the TV eating pizza and watching a film. We never normally eat in front of the TV but this was a great treat for us all.

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