Thursday, 4 April 2019

Farewell year 13

I am a teacher that shares, what I like to call, some wisdom in the form of some advice from my own life. Things I have and haven’t done, wished I had done, and things I have learnt. For my year 13 leavers this year I decided to write this blog. Last year I wrote 'the teacher's farewell letter’ about it not being your grades that define you, and that I am proud of the people that you have become, and whilst this is still true I feel for year 13 you need a slightly different message.

So my farewell this year is really a different slant on an old cliche.

For some of you, I have taught you maths, personal development, and for others, I have taken you abroad on school trips. I hope that during that time you have gained valuable experiences and knowledge. Your next steps are now entirely in your hands and if you can remember anything from me then let it be this.

I want you all to travel the world, not to see the sights but really meet the people and experience life. Whilst there are so many sights to see it is the people that make the world. If you get a chance in whatever you do next to take time out to visit somewhere you haven’t been before. It could be Manchester or Mongolia but try and meet the people there.

In my own life, I have met some truly inspiring people. A photographer in Worthing, I met in a bank, taught me to look up when going somewhere and see things that most people walk by every day without ever noticing. In Kenya at the orphanage, I met Jedihda, who absolutely inspired me by showing me her selfless sacrifice in her own life to support others.

So my message really is "Whilst you travel near and far become a traveller not a tourist". See things, experience life, try new things and meet as many people along the way as you can.

Finally, try and become the person you would want to meet.

Good luck year 13 in your future I really do wish you every success

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