Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Day 8 - Memphis day 2

Breakfast this morning took us to southern grits. I know it doesn't sound appealing but grits is essentially porridge. We had a mixture of breakfasts between us including waffles, pancakes, and cinnamon roll. First time I have had cinnamon rolls was in the USA and most of my us have been eating them ever since. 
After breakfast our group spilt up for the morning. My wife and eldest went off to see Graceland the home of Elvis, which I had done in my last trip and the rest of us went off to the pyramid, outdoor pursuits store, where you can buy everything you need for camping, hunting, archery, etc. This place also had a hotel, bowling alley, rifle and archery range!
Our next stop here was a trip to Peabody's. Twice a day this hotel draws in a crowd of people when their penthouse residents come down the elevator, along the red carpet and up the steps into the lobby fountain. 
These a 5 ducks that live in the hotel and come down each morning at 11 and return at 5. The hotel employs a duckmastsr to teach them and bring them down each morning.  
This was quite a spectacle and a really nice quirk of the hotel.
One last walk down the Beale before our last stop in Memphis, Sun records.
If you are wondering why I am wearing my scout necker today is 115 years since the first scout camp on brownsea island. 
Sun Records is believed to be the birthplace of rock and roll. Sam Philips discovered Elvis Presley and the rest is rock and roll.
This is a great little tour and shop that is still used as a recording studio. This little place does a really good interactive tour that last about 45 minutes.
Again another must do stop if you are ever travelling in the area.
Our journey back north along highway 55 has a pit stop at Lambert's, home of the throwed rolls.
This place is amazing. The atmosphere, decoration, and staff are all brilliant. The first thing you hear when seated is bread rolls followed by customers hands raised and then the rolls start flying across the restaurant. 
The food here is large portions, well priced and they keep coming round with pass arounds, these are a mixture of vegetables, fried potatoes,and of course more rolls.
There aren't many restaurants that have their own gift shop but Lambert's is one of them.
We left completely stuffed and had an amazing time. So if you are ever in this part of the US then this place is a must!

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