Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Day 2 - a day relaxing.

At the start of every long journey time zones play havoc with body clocks and having a first day of just relaxing is a perfect start for our holiday. 
A day with the comforts of home and a pool in the garden is a perfect start to a family break. Home cooked food, I'll post about food later, the relaxed atmosphere and the space to spread out into.
The pool here is a perfect size and for us a great temperature. We are not used to the heat of this summer and the coolness of the pool is perfect for us whilst our hosts prefer the pool to be hotter. 
It is also nice to play some simple board games, well their American equivalent, like clue, cluedo, monopoly which is the New York version, and then introduced to corn hole, the bean bag throwing that is great and simple and I now have something else to make my own version of. 
These are all things that would have been missed if we had stayed in a resort or hotel.
One of my favourite things about travelling is about the people we meet and the experiences we share. Whenever, a school year finishes and I talk to my students about travelling I always speak of this need to meet the people and not just visit the places. 

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