Friday, 29 July 2022

Day 4 - wash out

Planning for the weather is always interesting when working to a schedule. Today's plan was to hit the new water park in Ste Genevieve but the rain made the plan change. 
There are so many sights to see in st Louis so another drive into the city with lunch on the way.
2 large pizzas and a couple of house salads filled the troops ready for the day. 

The place we stayed at for lunch operates this scheme to support people get a free lunch. Unfortunately I couldn't download the app so couldn't support this but this reminds me of #payitforward but without the need to pay for it.
As we finished lunch the rain started. Heavy rain continued for the rest of the journey to st Louis but we were hopelessly unprepared for what we found there.
St Louis was flooded! Lakes in the street causing roads to be completely unpassable. Truck owners, pick up trucks, were navigating the roads with caution but cars were submerged in the street with roads completely blocked. This is the second time in 3 days that st Louis has been flooded with someone tragically loosing their life stuck in their submerged car. 
This is extreme weather for the area and totally unexpected. We were talking about the effects of climate change and how the heat and the rain is more extreme than it has been ever before. Climate is definitely changing but the debate about has man contributed to it or not is fairly irrelevant. We need to work on living with the changes and reducing our impact not worrying about the cause.
So after a road trip with biblical rain a nice relaxing evening back home before rescheduling the plans for the next day.

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