Saturday, 6 August 2022

Day 11 - Top Golf and shopping

Having now seen lots of the sights in St Louis today was a day of recreation. 
Top golf in St Louis is. Like a driving range in the UK with a difference. The balls here are tracked and you can see where the ball has gone nas get awarded points based on which area it landed. Pretty neat really.
We had an attentive host that made sure we were ok and had drinks and snacks topped up in a regular basis. The computer tracking system has got other game options including playing angry birds. 
This meant we all were playing a fun game trying to blow up all the pigs.

The afternoon was bargain hunting in the outlet mall, and we found some good bargains in the shops. I'm not sure we have enough space in our suitcases going home. We may need a FedEx box to send stuff home!

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