Monday, 21 January 2019

2019 - A Challenge so far

So I started my challenge last year and I was hoping to continue with it this year. My biggest issues have been getting round to doing it so I will continue each day that I can from now on but also write my blog about 2019. Today is named 'Blue Monday' the lowest point of the year and now it is all on the up!
I haven't had the greatest start to the year. My own battles at work, insomnia and illness and pulling a muscle in my back have all lead to a difficult start to the year. However, there are future opportunities on the horizon and certainly some more positive things to look forward to.
I have had a couple of good chats with colleagues and friends and I have to make a plan for my professional career going forward. This isn't the simplest of decisions as there are lots of other factors that I need to consider first!
Something else that really struck me so very recently is how vulnerable I am. As teachers we are constantly under pressure from those on high, parents and then the children themselves. It is so easy for anyone of these groups to cause stress and anxiety that keeping all the groups happy is a really tall orders that can have disastrous consequences if anyone goes wrong.
I had a warning shot across my bow and I guess I need to take the wake up call and move onwards keeping everyone as happy as possible.

So today’s 5good2bad


  1. Restarted tutoring
  2. Realised how good some of my colleagues are 
  3. Crashed and bounced almost instantly
  4. Great teaching day
  5. Praised a colleague

  1. Realised how vulnerable am I
  2. My back which is recovering from an injury. 

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