Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Excitement about the weekend

Friday this week sees me make the annual trip to London's Excel centre to BETT. The last couple of years have seen me speak on the Teaching theatre of the Google stand but this year I will be jointly hosting a networking lunch with Google for members of the European GEG's that have managed to come together.

The last 2 year I have spent loads of time looking at all the vendors making new contacts and looking at a number of tiny startups which I look at and wonder how they managed to afford the space at BETT. I can't imagine for a second that for some it really isn't worth the work when they are competing with some of the worlds largest companies trying to get their product sold.

The lunch is a really good networking opportunity. I will literally have a couple of minutes to introduce myself and talk about why networking is so important. I plan to use my experiences of the last couple of years to talk about building networks of educators globally and then finding ways of connecting our students. I am going to be using technology this year during my stats with some of my trickest students and see how they will cope with it.

The weekend will be spent indoors for a change and instead of standing watching my children play football I will be completing a course in Air rifle instruction which I will use for scouting and maybe school if the opportunity arises.

My 5 Good from today are

  1. Great lessons today
  2. Hosted Maths chat today off the cuff
  3. Back is getting better
  4. Dealt sensibly with a difficult student
  5. Found my enthusiasm again!
2 Bad
  1. Realised some people can't help themselves
  2. Not completed enough work on other projects!

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