Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Travelling again.

Day 1 of travelling since the world was hit by lockdown and this time instead of taking a group of students to some far flung place the Cooper's have landed in the United States. 
Hattie's first ever flight was a whopping 7 hours from London to Boston. As most flights go it was largely uneventful with in flight entertainment taking most of the strain of the flight. 
Landing was a bit heavy and that really shook her up a little. 
It felt that largely covid had been a thing of the past. Some people were wearing masks on the plane whilst most were just happy to be travelling. 
The mile long walk between terminals was quite something after a long flight and a delay before taking off made the day all that bit longer.
Flight number 2 was far from smooth. Turbulence was quite violent at times and made Hattie and Lu quite nervous understandably but we landed safe and sound at St Louis just an hour later than planned. 
I had forgotten how much I actually enjoy the adventure of flying. Travelling with people from all walks of life, heading of in countless other destinations. 
I have to admit to being a little nosey at times on the flight and caught a glimpse of a conversation between a passenger and her new partner and the innocence of a newish relationship kept me glimpsing over at the messages.
It is always great seeing familiar faces.on arrival and Shelley was there to pick us up in her little truck! Wow this great big red monster truck was super comfortable and a perfect ride through St Louis, down to Ste Genevieve.
It is great having all the comforts of home away from home. Staying with friends is amazingly liberating. The space and creature comforts outstrips staying in a hotel room.

Looking forward to taking it easy and adjusting to the new timezones and surroundings tomorrow!

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