Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Kenya - Day 1 Travelling to Kenya

April 1st - Easter Sunday.

Departing from home on Saturday evening to start the long journey to Kitale. My journey is a collection of short trips starting with getting to Billingshurst for a brief stop to collect my fellow travelers. Getting up at the crack of dawn to drive to the Airport and then the first flight takes a short flight to Paris with a couple of hours stopover before taking the 8-hour flight to Nairobi.

Leaving my family at home for the first of my adventures this year was difficult. I have been away from them before for a few days but this seemed to be a bit more of a journey. I guess leaving during a school holiday left the emotion that this is supposed to be our time together.

Flying is still an exciting and nervous experience for me. I am not a nervous passenger but being over 6 foot tall and inevitably sitting next to passengers that you don't know makes you feel that you don't want to disturb them everytime you fancy stretching your legs.

So I have arrived in Paris and have a couple of hours in an airport whilst waiting for the next flight to take us on our journey. A couple of hours watching other people arriving and departing and thinking about what the next part of their journey will be. How many people cross paths that have no connection with each other apart from traveling through an airport at the same time as each other. Arriving from different countries and continuing on very separate journeys. How thin the line between arriving and departing on the same plane or next gate.

I will write a post each day with some photos of the people I meet and the schools and places I visit. The rest of the trips posts have been written and uploaded so please look and a read.

Day 2

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