Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Kenya - Day 2 Journey to Kitale

Travel to Kitale

A journey of just over 300km from the Kenyan capital to Kitale by car should be a simple journey. My last experience of this journey was on a bus and the roads were treacherous at best. However, there has been a significant investment from the Chinese and the roads were tarmacked the whole way. Still a whole day's journey. some of the roads are dual carriageways but most are just single roads that all manner of locals use to get from A to B. Motorbikes are the primary delivery vehicle of goods and people with longer journeys completed mainly by minibusses that run from town to town stopping at various places along the way.

What I noticed last time I came and also today was the way that towns and villages are created from the road. It is also ancient civilisation settlements built along the side of the road where one town looks strangely similar to the previous one all centered around the road that passes through. The other thing that really caught my attention was the colour. When I think of Africa I think of the orangey brown sand that is everywhere and gets into everything but actually, Kenya is a very arable part of Africa with plantations and farms everywhere and the country is green. Crops grow everywhere and this is a really welcome sight. The last part of Colour that really grabbed me again today was the clothing. People wear bright colours with lots of patterns and they look good and happy about it. People are wearing conservative clothes in bright colours and making the country seem friendlier and happier.
Our Journey took us all day and started with a distinct lack of petrol in the Nation's capital city. The third petrol station had petrol and we were happily on our way on our long road trip.
The Car is a story for another time.

Day 3

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