Friday, 1 January 2021

New Year's Day

Start of a new year and jokingly suggested to my darling wife Luisa, last night, that I might go for a run in the morning.
Knowing I hadn't been running in months apart from Friday night football and or running the line for my son Isaac's team, I wasn't sure that I'd even make it out of the front door. Shock horror 5.5km later I get home feeling fairly good about it. 
So the start of 2021 started with a suggestion. Just a run. This wasn't part of my plan for 2021, but since then I have had more suggestions, am i doing the run everyday in January, from a couple of friends. This was obviously not part of the plan and so I let the idea mull over me and now I am going to attempt it. God knows why but I guess the real answer here was why not. It would certainly be good for my physical and mental health so I am no going to give it a go. Since then I have been joined to a group that is doing something strange with different distances each day but I'll stick to my 5k and above. 
New year is also a good day to go out for a walk. We have been slowly encouraging our children out on a regular basis and with the aid of a frisbee today was another good outing to the seaside. It was cold and windy but really busy. The path out to the cafe we were planning to walk to was really busy and crowded so instead we stayed on the green area and enjoyed being outside. 
2021 has started differently then I would have expected but I don't feel that I have made any unrealistic resolutions. I did weigh myself this morning and nothing has really changed. Whilst I'd like to lose 10-12 kg I am not going to make this a resolution to fail at in the future. Just a reference point to start the year at.
So writing and running, two simple things to work on each day and take each and every day as it comes, as a great friend if mine said, you can't fix what you can't control, so I'm going to work on things that I can. 

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