Monday, 4 January 2021

Why we are teachers

This card from one of my more challenging year 7s was sent to me before Christmas. I found it again today and it just reminds us why we do what we do.
I will make sure when I speak to young man I tell him his card lightened my day.
The second thing that really boosted my day was an unexpected game of eyespy with my 8 year old daughter. The difference now is that adjectives seem to be accepted as part of the game! I'm waiting for the upgrade to subordinate clauses and fronted adverbials!

It was also nice being in work for the day. Lockdown again means that it will be nearer Easter before that gets changed but I'll see about going in a day a week both for my own sanity and the ability to focus 100% on work for a day.

Still managed to keep up the running and also writing so go me!

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