Friday, 7 December 2018

Day 1 of The #5Good2Bad Daily Challenge

The last few weeks have had me in a bit of a tailspin of doom. I have felt under pressure professional and not been able to see the positives at work. This nearly stopped me coming to work but I am one of these resilient people that no matter how annoyed or grumpy I am I always feel the need to do the right thing. I also had a student also tell me about the troubles they are having so I came up with this challenge.

Rules are simple:-
5 Good things that have happened during the day and 2 bad.

My Rationale is that by being made to think about 5 good things it shows you that today was good and only having 2 bad means that there is a space to reflect on them but not take up too much space.

So Day 1 of the Challenge was yesterday.

5 Good

  1. Great crafting evening with my Cubs Group
  2. Helping a Student that really needs it
  3. Learnt how to make pom-poms - never done it before
  4. Finished Christmas Cards for Children's Ward
  5. Had an amazing lesson with my year 9s
2 Bad

  1. Finding out one of my students is in real need of help
  2. The realisation that I can't fix everything.

I also reflected on compliments as I don't think I am as good at accepting them as I thought I was. We are not very good at accepting things at face value and instead of trying to diminish them. I have been really guilty of that but yesterday so many people paid me compliments in various forms, your a good teacher, you obviously have a caring nature, I feel that I can talk to you, have made me reflect on the good that people try and share but sometimes we don't listen straight off the bat.

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