Saturday, 8 December 2018

Day 3 #5Good2Bad

Being the weekend is a whole different dynamic.
Instead of being in the classroom now it is family time and this is a whole different reflective insight. I guess though this feeds into a different type of wellbeing and it all fits into our mental health. The difficulty at home is not dwelling on the times today when parenting skills have not gone the way I wanted but to focus on what was still on the most part a positive day.

To the Challenge:

5 Good

  1. Lay in! Wow a full 7 hours sleep
  2. Helped my eldest finish his delivery round for this month
  3. Took my boys crossbow shooting
  4. Helped my Dad with a couple of jobs
  5. Cooked a lovely dinner 
2 Bad
  1. Bedtime routine went very south
  2. Got cross about my children's amount of screen time!
It is really easy to focus on the bad bits especially when it lands at the end of the day, which is really sad as for the most part of today, apart from trying to get my children off their devices, has been a really enjoyable day!

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