Saturday, 2 January 2021

Some suggestions are too much!

2 days into the new year and I took on the challenge and ran 8km. I am not gonna lie I have spent the rest of the day aching. The run itself was another mental challenge. How far do I need to go in order to not go too far before getting home? I completed at a reasonable pace and got home at a reasonable pace.
So the group I was thrown into pulled out the next distance, 15k, this isn't going to happen for me tomorrow or really anytime soon. I know throwing myself into running again I need to keep it sensible so 2-3 k tomorrow for me. I think this group isn't for me. A suggestion that I don't need to follow!

Enough about running, I have been inundated with emails from my union. Being a teacher in tier 4, basically not really allowed out, and schools being told to open by the government but not by the unions and maybe the science. We'll see what happens but I'm happy to go and work from my classroom and record material for my sixth form. Whilst I will no doubt be frustrated by noises outside and people coming in but in the long run I will have a great like of resources for the future. 

Parenting is becoming more or a challenge. I like to think that limiting screen time and trying to get my children doing something without supervision shouldn't be impossible. My kids love their screens, TV video games etc, far from unique but looking into the number of hours a day it is getting ridiculous but what is harder is actually getting on with things without having to chase them around or actually be part of an activity with them the whole time. This has to be something that needs working on this year. Can I make my kids interested in activities they can do themselves without a screen and without needing parental supervision. Wow if I find this I guess I should sell it and make a fortune! Maybe a book! That would be ridiculously ironic. 
Still had a chance to work on the start of a plan for my Cub Scouts and reminded this evening when catching up with a friend that there are things we can do and things that we can't fix so I don't need to stress about them. This needs to be my mantra for now!

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