Monday, 11 January 2021

The first week is over

A whole week has passed us by in 2021. Lockdown has returned although this isn't the same as last year. People are less concerned about following the rules and more concerned about earning money. This is obvious both from the government and from the amount of traffic on our roads. Whilst it is understandable what price are people willing to pay?

I guessed I had started the year hoping that I would write something daily and while that didn't quite happen these last few days I am pleased I have made time to return to it today. Personally Im feeling good. I have carried on running and I'm happy that this is becoming more of the norm rather than a chore.

I have also been to work today. Not remotely but actually in person. I went for a lateral flow test which isn't the nicest of experiences I have ever had but while it is a necessity I'll continue to be tested and go for it. 
My students that I have been looking after today have no real concept of the dangers and the need to stay in a bubble. Can't say I totally blame them as the bubbles we put them in aren't their choice of friends.
It was good to go in.

Another of my students contacted me today in their usual way of saying 1000 words when all they needed was 3. I need help. They aren't the only ones that needed someone as a good friend of mine was clearly annoyed and frustrated with the whole situation especially as he has been abiding by the rules and missing out on time with his other half. This is probably the hardest thing for anyone. To live close enough to see them but feeling obliged to obey the rules. We all miss the physical contact of others. The simple shaking hands of colleagues to the hugging if friends and family. 
Will we be able to get back to this in the future?

I will speak to both of them tomorrow!

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